Nature Genetics | 苹果最新基因组发布

2017年6月5日,以法国园艺研究中心(IRHS)和法国农业科学研究院(INRA)研究人员为主要参加人员,由多国参与的苹果最新基因组在Nature Genetics在线发表。论文第一作者为IRHS和INRA的Nicolas Daccord和Jean-Marc Celton博士,通讯作者为INRA EpiCenter团队负责人Etienne BUCHER。目前,新版基因组已可下载。


Using the latest sequencing and optical mapping technologies, we have produced a high-quality de novo assembly of the apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) genome. Repeat sequences, which represented over half of the assembly, provided an unprecedented opportunity to investigate the uncharacterized regions of a tree genome; we identified a new hyper-repetitive retrotransposon sequence that was over-represented in heterochromatic regions and estimated that a major burst of different transposable elements (TEs) occurred 21 million years ago. Notably, the timing of this TE burst coincided with the uplift of the Tian Shan mountains, which is thought to be the center of the location where the apple originated, suggesting that TEs and associated processes may have contributed to the diversification of the apple ancestor and possibly to its divergence from pear. Finally, genome-wide DNA methylation data suggest that epigenetic marks may contribute to agronomically relevant aspects, such as apple fruit development.